I think back to where the idea for the Lion came from and I don’t feel that I really wrote the script.  When you work in corporate video long enough, you can draw on enough painful experiences for a script to write itself.

I’ve worked as a commercial video director for 6 years and I’ve seen first hand that the world of corporate video is a strange place. A place where corporate sensibilities mix with creative ideas, where budgets are tight, time pressures are constant and the client is never wrong. As a filmmaker with artistic ambitions I’ve had to find out the hard way; creative integrity rarely makes it out alive.

                          is a UK based award winning filmmaker. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Video Production, a Diploma in Filmmaking from the New York Film Academy and a Masters Degree in Film and Television production. He has 6 years of commercial experience working for an industry leading video production agency as a Senior Creative and in-house director. When not developing ideas for brands or on set directing, he will be cooking up his next high concept short film idea. Upcoming projects include a period comedy about a Duke whose hand gets a mind of its own, and a family drama that takes place in a caravan.

It was a long day in a studio session and we were recording a voice over for an interactive software demonstration. I was directing, there was the client and the voice over artist in the room. I can remember vividly the veil of professionalism growing thinner and thinner.

Something the client said with a conviction that baffles me to this day made me realise... my next short film is playing out in front of me:

‘Imagine when you say the line, that you’ve just seen a lion’.

Needless to say, we never quite managed to hit the levels of enthusiasm that the client was hoping for. It was only a few hours after the recording session had finished that I wrote my first draft, and The Lion was born.

Creative integrity rarely makes it out alive

Something made me realize... My next short film is playing out in front of me



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